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Scootaloo by leovictor Scootaloo by leovictor

"That’s where the twist comes in. Even though Twilight has figured it out, Celestia has had all her memories of ever having a daughter wiped. She’s completely unaware at this point"

-My reply too long to post-  Sorry for the poor grammar.
English is my second language. My first language is DUTCH.
This is a very abridged draft and details are left out.
Bear with me

Celestia did it as preparation for the Return of Nighmare Moon. Nightmare Moon being Luna turned insane has dream reading (and probably mind reading) abilities.
Meaning that Celestia just has to go asleep and the secret of her daughter is out.

Celestia unlike her lover Tempest can't hide as the head of state so Tempest has to stay in hiding for the time being protecting his daughter.
(BTW Celestia used an illusion spell to look slim for other ponies, but for some reason here it didn't really help with the prodigy student Twilight. Celestia gave birth to Scootaloo (who she named Leana "Daughter of the Sun") while pretending to be away at some diplomatic meeting in another country)

First Celestia would selectively wipe her memory regarding Tempest, her relationship, pregnancy and her daughter down into the subconscious level which is very dangerous.
Tempest being a Mage Pegasus (incredibly rare phenomenom) would guide her during the memory alteration process and in turn insert into Celestia's subconscious a coded key word to undo the spell when the Nighmare Moon danger has passed.

Would have worked hadn't it been that one of Tempest's old arch nemesis who was considered dead returned to seek revenge on the Pegasus mage.

He can't count on his alicorn love to help him so he's on his own.
Now he has to protect his daughter from this new threat.
So with his power he cast a powerful spell to turn his daughter into a humble pegasus.
He asked help from a Pony mare who worked at an orphanage in Manehatten to take care of his filly for the time being.
He had to defeat this threat before the return of NMM.
He unfortunately never returned to collect his daughter. And it may have been that casting the spell to disguise his daughter may have drained him.

The worker (an earth pony named Sandy)at the orphanage later called the little filly Scootaloo.
She held on to the little Scootaloo for Tempest as long as she could waiting for his return. However years went by and unfortunately Sandy became sick, eventually succumbing to cancer. The death of Sandy hit the little Scootaloo hard and for a time being seeks refuge in the streets of Manehatten away from the sadness of the orphanage.
Not long after she got into trouble and was taken in by foal protective services.
It was decided to leave scootaloo with a distant family relative of sandy living in Ponyville.
It was shortly thereafter she became befriended with Sweetie Belle and later Apple Bloom. After the Second Nigtmare incident came and went she later found another blank flanked filly who has a coat as black as the night wearing geeky glasses.
Of the Cutie mark Crusaders Scootaloo was the muscle and put bully colts twice her size in their place.
((According to Lauren Faust, Scootaloo was "originally conceived as getting in a lot of schoolyard fights over being picked on for not flying."))

After some years just like Twilight years before Nyx was summoned by Celestia to be tutored at the prestigious Royal Canterlot Academy of Sciences.
Nyx was in every way a prodigy as her mother Twilight plus as she is maturing Celestia wants to keep an even closer eye on this reborn Nightmare Moon.
She would eventually spend the weekends Ponyville with her BFF Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetiebelle.

As years went by Sweetie and Apple got their cutie marks. Scoot to her frustration didn't have any. However she grew unusually tall and she was the but of all jokes at school being called a giraffe for example.
It was at the age of 15 when Scoot started to feel a massive headache coming from her forehead when she was working at night at a vegetable mart. It was then she realized that she was bleeding from her forehead.

About a week before in the Crystal Desert near the Crystal Empire that Nyx ascended to her "Zeta" form detonating a hill with an explosive force of a 20MT Hydrogen Bomb while under the super vision of Celestia. Celestia grabbed Nyx after the black alicorn shot a massive energy beam and quickly teleported away from the danger zone. The flash of the explosion was bigger than Celestia anticipated and it burned both Nyx and her before she could run in the safety of a previously prepared makeshift bunker. This burned off a large part of Celestia's coat, tail and mane. Nyx was worse off since her "Zeta" form caused death at a cellular level.
(Zeta is the name of a bright blue super hot giant star, the same color Nyx coats acquires when she ascends)
After this incident Celestia kept her manes short while Nyx grew hers. Before she ascended to her "Zeta" power level Nyx Manes resembled this:…

Nyx was in coma for some time and longer afterwards. This will explain her absence during the time Scootaloo got her horn.

Back to Scootaloo
She took an early leave from work due to this strange illness and slept.
She woke up the next morning preparing for school when she discovered that she has a horn (While brushing her teeth).
In a panic before school starts she visited (princess) Twilight for consultation.
Twilight has no idea since alicorns just don't spontaneously pop out of nowhere.
Scoot also admitted to twilight that she finally got her cutie mark. But cutie marks don't usually come along packaged with horns.
Twilight took a look to see what Scoots special talent is and what she saw disturbed her.
The sun part in her Cutie mark resembles Celestia.

Twilight's mind went back to a bizarre time when she spend a night as a filly in Canterlot Castle.
After waking up from a nightmare Twilight scared walked out of her chambers and into what seemed like an empty castle. Most of the ponies were in some sort of party at the groundfloor. Twilight remembered walking in the royal kitchen when she saw Princess Celestia snacking on cake. Lots of Cake. Really slobbing on cake to the point her muzzle was covered in whip cream which was unbecoming of a princess.
She didn't even have her regalia on and she had her mane in a pony tail making her look like a normal Pony.
Celestia was startled by the young filly standing behind her.
Twilight remembered saying that it's not good to eat too much cake and that Celestia was getting fat.
Celestia looked down and realized that she didn't have her illusion spell activated.
Her pregnant belly was fully visible, especially for a short filly looking up at her.
Wait after checking it was active. For some reason Twilight could see right through it....
She wiped her muzzle clean of the excess cream and kindly asked Twilight what she was up doing late at night.
twilight said she had a nightmare.
Very patiently Celestia escorted the little filly to her room and put her to bed. To help her to sleep she read one of Twilight's fav stories. Before Twilight dozed off to sleep she apologized to Celestia for calling her fat.
Celestia with a smile said it's okay. She said that Twilight was right and that eating too much cake is not good and that she would cut back.
She then gave Twilight a motherly kiss on the cheeks and left the room closing the door behind her.
Twilight then remembered that Celestia was unusually motherly that night.

It was around that time that both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle came in the library after they both saw Scootaloo acting strangely walking towards the Ponyville Library instead of High-school.

They were both shocked to see Scootaloo turned into an Alicorn.
They all asked Twilight what her thoughts are on the matter only to discover that she was deep in her thoughts and not paying attention.

"Oh sorry girls" Twilight said "I was just thinking".
"I need to look things up why don't you 3 girls in the meantime go to school and come back when it's out"

"I don't know Twilight" Scoot said. "This may attract too much attention at school".

"Then pretend you were at a party stage last night and accidentally super glued your horn" Twilight said.

"That will make me look like a desperate and incompetent idiot" Scoot said.
"I have exams today so I have no choice but to go to school. I'm already being called giraffe so I'm used to the scorn and name calling".

I'll see you later in the afternoon Twilight.

Twilight went to work on her research the moment the girls left, even informing Celestia via letter about this new unforeseen development.

Before class start Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were talking to each other.
Their topic at the moment was their fav blank flank Scootaloo.
At that moment they notice a shadow being cast on them. Looking at the source they saw the relatively tall Scootaloo looking down on them with a surly gaze sporting a HORN.
"Excuse me" Scootaloo said. "Can you please step aside. You're in front of my locker"
In complete shock of what they see before them both Tiara and Silver silently stepped aside.
Scootaloo accessed her locker, took out what she needed and hurriedly went to class.
"SHE'S A PRINCESS?" Diamond Tiara cried out.

The whole class was staring at Scootaloo.
Scootaloo being annoyed by all that gaze said out loud "WILL YOU STOP STARING AT ME? I'M TRYING TO PASS AN EXAM HERE!".

After class Scoot and her two close friends returned back to Ponyville's Library.
To their surprise they saw bot Princess Celestia and Luna in the Library talking to Twilight.

"I'm sorry I had to involve them Scootaloo" Twilight apologized.
"I can see no other way to find an answer to this mystery. I had to ask for the help of the princesses".

"Indeed" Celestia said.
"This is a mystery. Alicorns are either born or blessed. But you are the first I am aware of that just ascended on your own."
Celestia walked closer.
Scootaloo noticed that the Sun Princess was covered in bandages.
"Oh this" Celestia's noticed Scoots expression.
"I had a little accident during one of my ... umm experimental research."
Both Luna and Twilight are both rolling their eyes knowing full well that it was Nyx that caused the accident.

"So you said you acquired that horn along with your Cutie mark?" Celestia said: "This suggests a connection since cutie marks rarely appear at your age".

Celestia took a closer look at Scoots cutie mark and already noticed a partial resemblance to her own.

"Scootaloo" Celestia said. "Forgive me for sounding intrusive in your personal affair but given the situation here I have to ask you this... Do you remember anything about your biological parents?"

"No" Scootaloo answered.
"From what I was told by the mare who raised me I was left abandoned on the doorstep of the Manehatten Orphanage when I was just a foal."

Oh "Celetsia said"
Having not seen Scootaloo in years something else got Celestia's attention.
Scootaloo seems to have her eyes.

This made the Sun Princess even more uncomfortable...

She later seperated from them and conversed with Luna in the corner of the room.
"We may have another Nyx incident on our hooves" Celestia said to Luna "But this one seems to be made in my image"

"Do you think there's another plot or conspiracy being forged against us"
Luna asked.

"I don't know" Celestia answered "But it's too early to speculate. We have to keep Scootaloo under close observation until we find more information on the matter.

"Agreed" Luna answered.

Celestia then turned to Scootaloo.
"Soo umm... What do you think about living in Canterlot Castle?"

"Umm... I don't know" Scootaloo said.
"As exited as I am with the invitation I have responsibilities and friends here. My school, my friends and even Mr. Green Hooves at the vegetable mart depends on me."

"Okay" Celestia said "We'll give you a month to set your affairs here in order. All your school credit point will be transferred to the Royal Canterlot Academy of Sciences where you will be studying.
Also you will get to spend every weekend here in Ponyville as you wish including vacation time and probably best of all you get to study with your friend Nyx who speaks really highly of you.
Think about it"

"I will" Scootaloo aswered.
"Woops look at the time. I have to go to work.
Excuse me Princess Celestia, Luna and Twilight.
I have to leave. Hopefully this mystery can be resolved why I suddenly turned alicorn Princess overnight"

Scootaloo left the Library followed by Sweetie belle and Apple Bloom

"What an amazingly Dutiful young mare" Celetia mentioned.

As the cutie mark crusaders went home Twilight was given instruction by Celestia to keep a close eye on Scootaloo.
For Twilight this alicorn affair is Deja Vu all over again.
And this time it happened to be one of the closest friends of her daughter.

To be Con't
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