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NYX CONTACTS by leovictor NYX CONTACTS by leovictor
My rendition of Sevireth's Nyx.

Woe to the unfortunate sap she's staring at.

(This is an alt reality Ponyville plus this Nyx gives me a Bayonetta vibe).

Contacts is (c) to

Nyx is (c) to
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ShadowClipseAVi Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait, is a Nyx a free-for-all or closed species, or an OC of someone?
leovictor Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2014
It's an OC for Penstroke Pony
However like any fanbase they take liberties with the character.

For example there are multiple versions of Twilight, Celestia and Luna.

Just like that there are multiple versions of Nyx.

I happen to play around with 3 of them (From different realities.)
ShadowClipseAVi Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So we can create different versions and use them is what you're saying?
leovictor Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
There are already far more different versions of Celestia, Luna and the Mane 6 mares.
That's what fanart is also.
ShadowClipseAVi Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm confused.
leovictor Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Take for example the Ponies featured in tumbler based on ponies of the show but personality wise are radically different.
Like Motherly Scootaloo…

, Appleack…

"Molestia" (A sexually driven Celestia)…

Gamer Luna

 to name a few.
Same concept of the Multiple Nyx

Multiple ponies created by fans based on the ponies of the show but personality wise can be radically different.
ShadowClipseAVi Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh you mean stuff like Scootabat, Rainbow Factory, Cupcakes and all that?
leovictor Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Mine is kinda like that but they come together in one adventure.
Plus the original author (Penstroke Pony) didn't specify his post Nightmare Nyx as an adult.
In the end of the story (Judgement chapter) Luna took away all memory of hers from Nightmare Moon leaving Nyx in a pure form yet as a slightly different character.
It kinda gives you more creative freedom in how to envision this Nyx as an adult..
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Sevireth Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Cool. Can't really blame for taking liberties with her personality, since I never expanded on that myself.
leovictor Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
I'm glad you like it.
I'm already messing around with 4 alternate reality Nyxes 3 of them with freakish mutated power abilities.

Nyx Petite Pie
can bend reality when she turns into Abyss and out of control the result is something akin to Silent Hill.
In fact if she loses control emotionally while at her Abyss form the power takes control over her, consumes her as the vessel
 and turns everything into hell.
Discord got nothing on her.
Her nightmarish power manifested itself when she witnessed her stepfather who tried to protect her get murdered in front of her
She represents dark magic and the Earth Ponies (Being born out of an earth pony she has an affinity to them).
The unique thing about Nyx Petite is that she is also Luna reborn.
Luna didn't survive the cleansing of Harmony (after being completely consumed by the nightmare) after the second Nightmare Moon event
and nothing was left but a bunch of shattered armor.
Being a member of the Special Forces wing of the Canterlot Army (the Canterlot Special Reconnaissance Guards or C.S.R.G) she's very proficient
in explosives, demolition, SNIPING and also pastries.

Nyx Sparkle.
Physically the largest and strongest of the Nyxes (even bigger than Celestia) she has hooves down the most energy.
Where the heck it comes from nobody knows.
When Celestia awakened Nyx Sparkle (at age 15) ability to turn into Zeta Flare it almost killed both of them.
(Zeta is a blue super hot star and Nyx was given that name because her coat turns into that color).
Fortunately due to Celestia's foresight she brought Nyx in the middle of the crystal desert.
When Celestia helped unlock the power of Nyx and witnessed what she was dealing with it was too late to abort.
Nyx shot her energy towards a mountain side and with Celestia's quick action she teleported herself and Nyx from that
area a fraction of a second before Nyx energy beam detonated a mountain with the force of a 25 MT H-Bomb.
Just like Petite, Sparkle's hidden powers are linked with her emotional state. When pushed to the edge too much it awakens.
And just like Petite, Sparkle's power are incredibly unstable.
Nyx sparkle can only maintain her Zeta Flare form for a limited amount of time depending on how much alicorn magic she has to contain that energy within her body.
If her alicorn magic reaches critical low levels her life energy (that which grants her immortality) begins to drain and that's where her body starts to break down.
Once her body dies she goes super nova taking all of Equestria with her.
Nyx Sparkle represents neutral magic and Pegasi ponies.
She is a member of the Canterlot Special Air Service (C.S.A.S special forces wing of the Canterlot Airforce) She's a proficient flyer,  fighter (including weapons or just hoof to hoof)
and thanks to her mother Twilight Sparkle and excellent magician.

She was rescued from a grim fate by Nyx Contacts years ago after Nightmare Moon gave birth to her.
The only alternate Nyx that isn't named Nyx.
Representing light magic and Unicorn ponies.
Of the 3 Nyxes theoretically she is the only one not in danger to lose control or being absorbed by her powers.
The problem is that she has zero experience as an alicorn being adopted by the apple family at a young age.
Her mother Nightmare Moon disappeared (I still need to decide what her fate is though I think she may have faced off against Nemesis to protect her daughter).
Her power is healing, restoration and even her blood has healing properties.
Problem is that she's a hemophobe.    (irrational fear of blood).
Dawn has the personality of fluttershy and despite her being physically strong from doing farm work all day
she's still not fit for frontline service as Nyx Sparkle bluntly put it and "wouldn't last 3 seconds against Nemesis".
But at her full power potential if she is matured enough (let's say Celestia's age) she has the ability to terraform planets.
Nyx Sparkle volunteered to train her.
(Celestia in Dawn's reality is pretty much a bitch and wanted to get rid of Dawn if it wasn't for Nyx Contacts intervention)

Nyx Contacts is the one who brings them together to fight Nemesis.
I'd like to give your Nyx the pseudonym Sage.
(though in your entry zero comic her staff called her November One)

Sorry but her vague likeness to Bayonetta is unintentional.
As the oldest of all the alternate Nyxes I wanted to give her the most mature image.

Also Sorry for all the rambling.
Sevireth Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
November One? That's "N-1", makes sense, but I should probably recton that. Her standard callsign would be Scarecrow, numbers only make sense if refering to one member of a larger unit, and Nyx isn't permanently assigned to any.
I would say that "Sage" isn't a good idea because it's single-syllable - one of the things with callsigns is that they should be recognizable if the audio is corrupted: you will notice that NATO phonetic alphabet has all the letter names in multiple-syllable words; that's also the reason Greek letters are so popular in codenames and designations - they all have long names.

I gotta point out though that all this stuff is a highly unlikely scenario for my Nyx to get into, so unless you want to get in closer touch and potentially seriously reconstruct lots of what you intend to tell, I can't incorporate this ordeal in my own continuity.
DarkCog Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Nyxie! :heart:
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