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Eos by leovictor Eos by leovictor
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Duncan213 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
The Eros Story. I made an anthro vison of her once
Ciroton Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Interesting take on that old image, I must say. It's a far sight better than anything I could do, that is for sure. Lol. +Fav
leovictor Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Wow I found the writer or more or less you found me..

I remember seeing that pic years ago but forgot later on where I found it until recently I stumbled upon it on Google search when looking up Alicorn Twilight.
BTW who is the artist?

I was really fond of your story when I read it years ago but then forgot where I found it.
I was really inspired to make a drawing of Aos or Twilight.
She is in my opinion one of the best concept of Twilight as an Amazonian alicorn.

It also fits neatly in how Nyx her daughter ended up like this Amazonian alicorn.
The following is just a concept Idea and I'm still experimenting with it.
In the past Sins story Twilight blood was used to revive Nightmare Moon.
In mine version Twilight was already a princess but still a small pony format when she was kidnapped and blood was drained from her.
So even though Twilight is still a regular Pony form this maybe the form she may take when she's about 1000 years old.

For some strange reason physically with her daughter Nyx (having been revived by Twilight's Blood) it expressed itself outward in fast forward mode
(because the Nightmare essence that turned into Nyx is almost as old as Luna).
So Nyx looks like an Amazonian pony at around age 20.
It's kinda the same concept of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots where Solid Snake ages rapidly because he was cloned from an old guy except alicorns don't grow old.
The ceremony of Nightmare Moon revival was interrupted and was messed up in the process so anything could have gone wrong or right.
Nyx could either be that large size because she may have been a reborn clone of Nightmare Moon but the fact that she has a good temperament
maybe it's Twilight's blood that has the dominating factor.
So Nyx giant size could also be the expression of what Twilight might become (Eos) since Nyx is in a sense Twilight's daughter by blood.

Mind the following is a rough Concept draft of my interpretation of Eos.

The concept I had in mind is Twilight doing experimental magic with a shard of a magic mirror she found in Starswirl's laboratory right after the incident of the mirrored world…

Applejack was right.
Twilight decided to continue the research of her mentor Starswirl (Against the advice of her mentor Celestia).
Years later Twilight managed to construct a few portal mirrors... some of them that led to other places of Equestria (in the same reality)
The last portal mirror led to disaster.
In a sense she was stuck in a world not much different than this.
Notice that the Tumblr is also named EosTwilightsparkle


A world ruled by a sadistic and indifferent goddess Celestia.
And who just like in the tumblr convinced her that she slept for millenia and the everyone she ever cared about died including the alicorns Nyx, Luna, Cadence and Scootaloo.
Where friendship doesn't matter.
She forced Twilight to be her apprentice (And in the worst cases her personal plaything).
Here Twilight had to endure years of mental torture and mental recoditioning to be as powerful and yet as unfeeling and unincorporated towards others.
Her training was Brutal and she also grew more powerful after being trained by this twisted version of Celestia.
She also grew Physically rivaling the size of Celestia.
Who ruled Equestria not by righteousness and justice but by pleasure and according to her mood (Pretty much like a Greek God)
After many centuries she barely has any recollection of her previous life as Twilight Sparkle and took upon herself the identity of Eos.
Barely remembering her daughter Nyx, her husband, the rest of her children and even her best friends.
Nothing more than a distant faint memory.
Personality wise Eos she is but a shadow of the benevolent Twilight.
Eos was in fact a NIGHTMARE version of Twilight.

At one point Celestia became jealous of Aos growing powers and decided to end her.
Unfortunately for Celestia Eos held her own secret plans and preperations and thus anticipated this move.
Eos was even a step ahead.
After a long drawn out battle Eos became the victor and sealed off Celestia's powers with a magic spell turning her into a small immortal earthpony.
Eos then banished the now depowered Celestia in the sun to be eternally consumed by fire without dying.
This made Aos the undisputed goddess of that reality.
As Celestia's powers were neutralized other sealing spells of hers were neutralized as well.
Including the seal that locked away entrance to her own Equestria.
To restore balance Eos quickly restored order and resealed everything again... except one.

She saw the portal and has a distant familiar feel to it.
Something from deep down in her memories.
Out of curiosity she stepped towards the portal.

On the other side she noticed herself stepping out of a mirror.
The first ponies she saw were Luna, Nyx and Rainbow Dash.
Unfortunately Eos doesn't remember them.
Her mind having been broken after a 1000 years.

But for Nyx, Luna and RD. Twilight has been gone for a month.
Celestia, Luna and Nyx having been unable to open the mirror during that time since it was sealed on the other side.

Despite Eos having a larger body Nyx immediately recognized her as her Mother.
Unfortunately the reunion didn't go well since Eos is paranoid, aggressive and hellbent on self preservation like a feral animal.
Aos has no recollection of Nyx or any pony present in that room and seeing Two alicorns she immediately perceives them as a threat.
Using a powerful blast she downed both Luna and Nyx with a single shot, both alicorns surprised by the sudden attack.

She then ran towards the entrance after noticing the mirror portal having been closed
(By chance both Luna and Nyx performed a spell to open the portal but after both being knocked out cold their magic ceased closing the portal)
Aos ran upstairs and noticed she is in some underground cave complex with dusty and ancient object (Starswirl's old library and lab).
As she ran further up she felt a familiar mana (Or Aura). A mana that made her blood boil....

Eos doesn't care is this is another Celestia from a different reality. All she knows that to preserve herself this Celestia needs to go also.

The resulting battle was phenomenal and Celestia to preserve Canterlot and minimize coleteral damage fled to the desolate Chrystal desert to do Battle.
Eos was so powerful Celestia desperately resorted to her Solar Flare powers just to stay alive and at the same time fearing that
the same powers may corrupt her mind enough to become another Nightmare. Something Equestria doesn't need.
Celestia didn't attack with her Solar Flare powers but kept a defending posture.
Celestia was winning time so that her most powerful champions Luna, Nyx and Scootaloo (Leana) formulate a plan to take Eos down .
Cadence is too benevolent and not a frontline soldier but she was present in case Eos was subdued to aid in sealing Eos magic abilities.
Nyx observed that Eos is not only a mage but an amazing fighter unlike her mother who was a bookworm.
They have their work cut out for them

After Celestia was down for the count the three amazonian alicorns attacked with a carefully planned coordinated attack.
Hitting Eos of guard and then knocking her out cold. The plan barely worked.

Then with the help of Cadence, Luna and Nyx proceeded in blocking Eos magic.

The wounded Celestia was treated in the Chrystal Empire while Eos was taken to Canterlot in a secured room in the royal Canterlot medical facility.
(The more separated the two were kept the better)
To find out what the hell happened to Twilight.

Nyx spend hours, days, weeks... trying to reach her mom and helping her to overcome her terrible trauma.
To regain trust... To make her remember her past. to remember the time she was Twilight.
It pained Nyx terribly to see her mother relearn the value of friendship, to get re acquainted with her friends and children.

Celestia now partially recovered and capable of resuming her royal duties decided to do a memory recall.
The same that has been done to her to remember that she had a daughter who ended up to be Scootaloo.
This is going to be difficult. And it has a nasty side effect.
Recalling a forgotten or sealed or lost memory may feel like the event of that memory happened a second instead of years ago and that
comes along with the emotional shock and trauma from a certain time span all focused in an eyeblink.
With Celestia Luna through her dream powers had to work 15 years back in time to recall forgotten or sealed memories.
But with Eos it has to be 1000 years. And who knows what ugly memories and nightmare she may bump in the way.
But she was offered help. From Nyx who shared Luna's same dream powers and from a very unexpected pony.
Eos agreed to help to recover the Twilight she once was.

It took time to find Twilight inside Eos distant memories but eventually it they discovered a locked memory door sealed after a 1000 years.
It was opened.
Eos literally jolted in shock and awoke violently.
Eos was shocked, then horrified and then started to cry curling her body in shame.
After all the atrocities she has done being an apprentice of an alternate twisted Celestia.

Nyx after being awoken from the dreamstate along with Luna quickly comforted her weeping mother.
Mom Nyx shouted out and she attempted to hug Twilight.
Right then and there Twilight pushed her away.
Nyx was surprised...

" .?"  Nyx said surprised.

"Stop calling me mother Nyx"

"But.... mom ... why"

"Please Nyx.... Stop calling me mother..."Twilight sobbed"...
I'm not Twilight.... Twilight would have never done the horrible things I did....
Twilight would have never forgotten her family, her best friends and the value of friendship....
I....I'm not your mother anymore ..... I Don't deserve to be called Twilight Sparkle.... and I don't deserve a daughter as wonderful as you."
Twilight said as she looked away....
"There is no forgiveness for Eos..."

Those words... it ran through Nyx's mind.
It was that night Nyx when she was Nighmare Moon rescued her mother from the gallows and freed her from the dark infection
cast upon by Nexus.

"...and Twilight… stop calling me Nyx.”


“Nyx would have never let Nexus get so close to taking you away. Nyx… would have known something was wrong when you started shouting like that.
I’m… I’m not your daughter anymore. I don’t deserve to be called Nyx,
and I don’t deserve a mother as wonderful as you. There is no forgiveness for Nightmare Moon."

Tears started to stream down Nyx's eyes.
Suddenly the formidable Nyx Sparkle elite soldier of the Royal Canterlot Air Service felt like the insecure little filly years ago.
She forced her way to Twilight and held her in a strong embrace.
Nyx held Twilight so strong Twilight couldn't struggle back and she began to weep even after Nyx's show of love.

Both Celestia and Luna are present in the room and the scene was so emotional even they started to cry.

Ciroton Featured By Owner Edited Jul 22, 2014
The artist of that picture is a person known on Deviant Art as Dot Rook And that is an interesting amalgamation, to say the least.
Raydis Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
When and how did Twilight go Amazonian?
Ciroton Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
You'll have to read the story to find out. ;P…
evangelian007 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Looks like someone is a big fan of :iconciroton:'s For a Want to Dawn. :)
I really loved that fic. I just found the concept of Twilight being Celestia's daughter/golem to be fascinating(I honestly wouldn't mind it if she really was Celestia's daughter. It honestly would be bittersweet and happy). Then again I read it when the 2nd season premiered.
I think Nyx would be pretty horrified to see her mother becoming a crazy power mad tyrant.
It was a great story. Twilight truly went through an incredible emotional journey and despite the mental and emotional abuse she still endured and won in the end. :happycry:
Right next to Past Sins it's my favorite fan fiction. 
Ciroton Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Thank you very much for the comment. It's actually quite a compliment to be mentioned in the same breath as Pen Stroke to me; he's an awesome guy and does really, really good work compared to me. ^^;;
trg123 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Why is she corrupted and is the owl evil
EvilQueen2014 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
cool dude
Submaniac93 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Pretty interesting. I'd really like to read a story about your headcanon for this universe.. 
OperativeNumbuh227 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, corrupted Twilight!
Darigaaz-the-Igniter Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Is that from the fanfic where it turns out that Twi was a golem?
leovictor Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
But I love the concept of Twi as Eos (in other words an alicorn the equal to Celestia).
She isn't a Golem here but her mind is damaged after spending ages in a nightmare world though for the inhabitants of Equestria she was gone for only a week.
Just an idea concept.
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